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libsidplayfp (Admin)

Libsidplayfp (and its console frontend sidplayfp) is a fork of libsidplay2 born with the aim to improve the quality of emulating the 6581, 8580 chips and the surrounding C64 system in order to play SID music better.

Fox Audio Player (Admin)

Simple and cross-platform music player. Automatically builds playlists based on the content of the folder selected from the dir browser. Supports various file types from digital audio to old videgame music using external libraries for decoding.

ChipSynth (Admin)

A midi driven software synthetizer, mainly inspired by SID, the C=64 sound chip.



Some SID tunes I've composed with goattracker.

Available in mp3 format at SOASC


A few C64 remakes and a couple of original tunes composed with modplug tracker.

Dr.Fiemost - The Path That Leads To Void